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This is the personal website of Christopher Elsby. It was first set up circa 2002 as a means of distributing some of my projects, and has changed name and address a few times since then. The present incarnation has been around since about 2008.

About me

I am an experienced computer programmer living in Cambridge in the United Kingdom, using languages including C, C++, Rust, Java, Perl, Python, PHP and Javascript. I am mainly interested in open source, cross-platform development and am also experienced in Linux system administration.

I also have interests in certain areas of mathematics, physics, psychology and philosophy. I enjoy various games including Chess, Bridge, Cluedo, Chip's Challenge, Nethack and BlackNova Traders.

I am a member of Trinity College, Cambridge and St Catherine's College, Oxford.

I am a Christian, worshipping at Holy Trinity Church in Cambridge, St Giles Cripplegate Church in London and St Aldates Church in Oxford.

Contacting me

Some of my projects


Proof of knowledge

Sometimes I have information that I do not wish to reveal but may later wish to prove that I knew at a particular time. To do this, I publish checksums (currently using sha512) of files describing the information on this site. I then also generate a checksum of the complete list, which I use as a footer when sending emails. Anyone who has a copy of this checksum is then able to vouch for the fact that I knew the information by the time they receive the checksum. The top level checksum is currently a90bc8b7e7da7ff5fccae7cb26bfde80b2bb4ab7571d039fc484ece22cb8240ae9a2024476d5dd8c32db2dd231addaa8f857c01a419f2f39f2b34b1eeba34d06 and the complete list of published checksums may be seen on the proof of knowledge page.

Microstupidity > Home | Chip's Challenge | Proof of knowledge

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