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Chip's Challenge is a tile-based puzzle game, originally developed by Epyx in 1989 for the Atari Lynx gaming console. The lead developer, also responsible for designing a large number of the levels, was Chuck Somerville. It has been ported to various platforms, including a Windows version included in Microsoft Entertainment Pack 4 and Best Of Microsoft Entertainment Pack, which is probably the most well-known version of the game.

Getting the Game

Level Editors

Various programs have been created allowing the creation of custom levels, including:


Even though Chip's Challenge is now quite an old game, it still has a fairly active online community of players. To become involved in the community, you may wish to try the following sites:

Main Community Hubs

Other Chip's Challenge Sites

Chip's Challenge 2

A sequel to Chip's Challenge has been created by Chuck Somerville, the main developer for the original Chip's Challenge. It includes many exciting new game elements, while remaining very much in the spirit of the original. Unfortunately, intellectual property ownership difficulties are preventing it from being released. Thus, for most people, there is no possibility at this time of obtaining or playing the game.

If you are a company or a wealthy individual with an interest in Chip's Challenge, you could consider contacting Chuck, attempting to establish what the precise situation is and investigating the possibility of acquiring the necessary intellectual property for a release to go ahead.

If you are one of the testers who were provided with a copy of the game, you will of course be obliged to keep it to yourself - but I would highly recommend making sure that the copy is kept in existence and suitably backed up to ensure that it is not lost in the future, even if it is locked down in a way that prevents it from being directly run or distributed at this time. After all, the ownership situation may be resolved at some point, and copyright eventually expires anyway. It would be a great shame if the game were to be completely lost to society, and if as many people as possible keep their copies of it around the chance of this is reduced.

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